Current Courses at Clemson

I provide general education courses at Clemson in both literature and academic writing. These are required courses often attended by juniors and seniors completing their degrees. This often means that students have been taking major-specific courses and have not been in a humanities or English based class for some time, what may result in atrophied skills in critical reading and writing (or, at the very least, low efficacy related to these skills).

My goal in general education courses is to strengthen the skills of critical inquiry on all fronts, whether in literature-specific courses or within research writing. My courses emphasize the reciprocal tasks of reading and writing and challenge students to construct interpretive arguments that address, acknowledge and consider alternative perspectives.

Building skills of critical inquiry becomes critical to course-specific assessment, but is also regularly reinforced as being integral across the disciplines within the university community, a foundation for local and national membership, as well as global citizenship.

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