ENG 102: Sample Assignments and Lectures

Annotated Bibliography:

The course objective for ENG 102 is to develop critical writing and research habits. Since the class read a variety of text types and had an end goal of producing a research paper based on these texts, an annotated bibliography helped facilitate not only intensive writing practice, but an ongoing investigative trail that assisted in the final product.

Annotated Bibliography Assignment Resource

When possible, I use current student writing to serve as an example for the class. These samples were taken with permission and helped guide students in terms of style, scope and rhythm.

Annotations: Student Sample

Longer Writing Assignments:

A more formal source evaluation helped students gain experience finding materials on their own. It also provided them the opportunity for more sustained evaluation of a source that would generate content for a larger, argumentative research paper.

Independent Source Evaluation

Sample Lecture/Slides:

To initiate the politics of the road and road culture, this presentation of images of car culture and material cultural analysis of bumper stickers helped students re-frame their thinking about what they assumed was quotidian.

Intersections of the Road Slides