Multimodal Writing and Argumentation

Supplemental Instruction:

As an instructor committed to reinforcing critical reading with critical writing, my courses use argumentative, multimodal assignments to facilitate discussions in the interdisciplinary humanities.

To help students construct their arguments and support them with evidence and close reading I have created a tutorial page on Spark (one the platforms I encourage them to use):

Writing in the Interdisciplinary Humanities

This source contains explanation and Spark Video discussions of how to construct an effective and efficient argument for both my class and across their college career.


Sample Assignments:

This focus continues in the assignments I ask of my students, including practicing claim-evidence-close reading via the creation of an Adobe Spark Video or Spark Pages. This puts the focus on the design and organization of an idea which can translate to traditional essays as well as more significant critical discussion in class. Additionally, the multimedia and multimodal elements help to forge connections to contemporary discussions and representations.

To reinforce the use of these technologies as productive possibilities in their study I utilize Adobe Spark and Prezi to create assignment descriptions as well facilitate my lectures.

For example:

Arguing About the Archive: The Truth Essay (assignment)

Credibility and Feedback (lecture)

Colonial Capital: Spanish and British Colonization in the Americas (lecture)

The Radical Poetry of Gertrude Stein (lecture)

Anzaldua’s Mestiza Consciousness (lecture)